Over in little old London, the Wimbledon Championships are ongoing, so Nintendo is looking to capitalise on it with its 3DS Virtual Console release this week. Let's see what else is available.

3DS Virtual Console

Tennis (Game Boy, $2.99) — A simplistic but moderately enjoyable portable rendition of the sport, this should tide you over until we get the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis. Read our Tennis review for more.


The Mystery of Whiterock Castle (Playtainment, 500pts) — After 18 months of European exclusivity, this hidden object game finally reaches North American shores at 200pts cheaper than its asking price in Europe. Our The Mystery of Whiterock Castle review should answer any mystery surrounding the game's quality.


Delbo (DSi Shop: 200pts, eShop: $1.99) — To quote the official information, "Delbo is a shooting game in which the player shoots an orb to extinguish the same color orbs falling down from the upper side." If that sounds like your cup of tea, you'll want to keep your eye out for our review next week.

Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!? (DSi Shop: 500pts, eShop: $4.99) — Possibly the greatest name for a DSiWare game yet, this spin-off from the revered fighting franchise is a bizarre side-scrolling platformer. Look for our review, leaping across your screens with plenty of inappropriately enthusiastic punctuation, next week.

Stratego: Next Edition (DSi Shop: 500pts, eShop: $4.99) — The popular board game gets a second handheld outing after the 2008 cartridge release. It wasn't very well-received then, so let's hope its digital version is improved.