Puzzle fans are typically well catered-for in this week's update, so let's get down and see what's available tomorrow.


Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap Games, 800pts) — Essentially a cut-down version of the recent retail release, this is still brimming with horticultural strategy and is well worth your 800 Points. Read our Plants vs. Zombies review for more.

Ikibago (Neko Entertainment, 500pts) — Released in North America on Monday, now it's Europe's turn to try out this barrel-based match-three game. Stay tuned for our upcoming review.

Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2 (Abylight, 200pts) — Another instalment of Abylight's ivory-tickler, you can read our Music on: Learning Piano Volume 2 review to learn more.


Where's Wally? Fantastic Journey 3 (Ludia Inc., 500pts) — The third slice of Wally/Waldo's global adventures, this one is unlikely to deviate from previous releases, so you might want to read our Where's Wally? Fantastic Journey 2 review to see where this one starts off.


Get the rundown on the latest Nintendo DSiWare and WiiWare available for download this Friday!

Use your green fingers like never before to ward off the attack of some fun-loving zombies in Plants vs Zombies when it launches on Nintendo DSiWare. Tactically plot your plants to obstruct the oncoming zombies and protect your home from falling into their grisly hands.

If the pirate life is the life for you, then check out Ikibago, also for Nintendo DSiWare this week. Use your puzzle-solving skills to successfully organise barrels in the correct sequence and feast on the bountiful rewards that wait if you are successful.

Get your fingers ready and take your seat at the piano as you prepare to lead the orchestra in Music on: Learning Piano Vol. 2 for Nintendo DSiWare. Learn 15 classical musical scores as you gradually improve your skills and ability to read music.

On WiiWare this week Where's Wally?® Fantastic Journey 3 will provide you with the opportunity to find the notoriously errant tourist in single player or multiplayer game modes that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Nintendo DSiWare – Plants vs Zombies
(PopCap, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
Prepare to get your hands dirty for some zombie-zapping action. A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home and the only defence you have is a veritable arsenal of garden plants ready to fight back the undead horde.

You’ll have to think fast and plant faster as you fight the zombies through the day, at night, in fog, in the swimming pool and even on the roof. Dig into two game modes and get more zombie-zapping action in 19 mini-games. You can even make your own zombie creation with the Zombatar™ feature.

Nintendo DSiWare – Ikibago
(Neko Entertainment, 500 Nintendo DSi Points)
Take on the role of a pirate and set out to discover the lost treasure of Ikibago in this fascinating puzzle and action game. Barrels of different colours move from left to right and you will need to align at least three barrels of the same colour in the same column before it disappears from the screen.

Use the stylus to switch the barrels while avoiding different traps and unlock bonuses as you carefully complete the 121 missions on offer.

Nintendo DSiWare – Music on: Learning Piano Vol. 2
(Abylight, 200 Nintendo DSi Points)
The entire orchestra will follow your every move as you perform any one of 15 great classical music scores.

Follow a simple musical score shown on the upper screen and use the piano keyboard on the Touch Screen to increase your ability and unlock the bronze, silver and gold medals for each song.

WiiWare - Where's Wally?® Fantastic Journey 3
(Ludia, 500 Wii Points)
Step up the search for Wally, his friends and more in Where's Wally?® Fantastic Journey 3. Based on the hit publishing series, Where's Wally? Fantastic Journey 3 is the chance to experience hidden fun inside the magical worlds of The Unfriendly Giants, The Underground Hunters, The Land of Waldos and more.

Challenge friends or go solo as you search for hidden items and be ready for surprises and sabotage to fuel the fun!