Though many are still processing the raw emotions that comes with such an alliance, Mario and Sonic are friends now: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and its summery counterpart Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games showed the plumber and hedgehog could put aside their differences for the sake of sporty minigames and making everyone lots of money. With approximately 438 days until the London 2012 Olympic Games kick off, SEGA has revealed the first screenshots and details of the upcoming Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, which may induce WTFing.

From Sonic — a hedgehog, remember — riding a horse to Mario flying a giant discus around Sonic Adventure's Windy Valley stage, the game looks set to combine the usual 'serious' athletic disciplines with the Dream Events that bring both series' more outrageous elements to the table. The Dream Long Jump is a perfect example, where Sonic, Tails, Mario, Bowser and more leap through a Yoshi's Story-esque world, bouncing on clouds to see who can get the furthest. It's the closest we're likely to get to a New Super Mario Bros. Wii-style adventure starring the plumber's blue rival.

The 3DS version boasts some equally odd events, including the Race Walk, where players must not harness Sonic's legendary speed. The mind boggles.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK has more details.