If there's anything to be learnt from the Japanese hardware and software sales numbers, it's that Nintendo is struggling to recapture the dominant performance of the 3DS when it first launched.

After reclaiming the top spot in the hardware chart, the 3DS was once again overtaken by the PlayStation Portable and now the latest sales figures in Japan show no signs of change. According to Media Create, the week ending 1st May saw 28,418 3DS consoles sold and while it is a slight increase over the previous week, it simply didn't compare to Sony shifting 76,974 PSP handhelds.

The top ten games in the software chart was led by Professional 2 Dragon Quest Monsters Joker on the DS which sold 73,729 copies. The only other Nintendo platform title ― another DS game ― Battle & Get! Pokemon Typing DS ranked #5 with 32,623 copies. There's no sign of any 3DS titles securing a place inside the top ten.

Hopefully anticipated games like Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D which is due next month and the upcoming system update might give Nintendo its much-needed boost but until more compelling games are available on the store shelves, Nintendo might not have any alternative to sitting and waiting.

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