We'll soon be seeing this logo on 3DS game boxes

City Interactive has already released several DS puzzle games in various forms of the genre and all have received good reviews here at Nintendo Life. With the likes of Chronicles of Mystery: The Secret Tree of Life, Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun and Crime Lab: Body of Evidence, it's certainly worth finding out what the publisher has planned for future projects.

With the time of the DS now waning, if not all-but disappeared, project manager Jakub Duda confirmed to Cubed3 that the publisher is moving its focus to other consoles, saying:

We are now moving towards the 3DS, so if there is a new Chronicles of Mystery game in the future, it will probably be published for the new console.

While Duda is reluctant to give any specifics on future 3DS titles, he did confirm that City Interactive is busy preparing the release of action flight game Combat Wings: The Greatest Battles of WWII, soon to be coming in for a landing on the Wii.

[source cubed3.com]