WiiWare has had a rough time of it these past few months: Super Meat Boy was canned in November, then last week it lost Bloktonik, and now High Voltage's Animales de la Muerte has been cancelled for WiiWare.

The game was originally announced back in 2008 as a Wii-exclusive, with its gameplay focusing on shooting undead animals, but now the game will only see release on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox 360. High Voltage Software's Eric Stoll told Eurogamer the studio's reasons for the switch:

We felt like it was maybe a better fit on the next gen platforms, both content-wise and gameplay-wise. We can have more enemies on screen, and it's probably a little more acceptable to have really over-the-top violence in an Xbox game than on the Wii.

It wasn't only technical concerns that led to the decision: Stoll believes the game simply wouldn't have sold well on WiiWare:

That definitely factored into our decision as well. I'd definitely say Xbox Live games outsell WiiWare games.

Sadly it seems this kind of thinking is becoming more and more common, as WiiWare's restrictive file size limitations and other factors leave it lagging behind other formats.

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