What was supposed to be a celebration of Super Mario Bros.'s 25th anniversary was unfortunately met with iffy reviews and sales figures that were both encouraging and disappointing. With Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition topping the Japanese charts, yet failing to replicate the same kind of success in the U.K., it's good to see that at least in North America, it's been selling well enough for Nintendo to bring the game back into production.

Last month, Nintendo's Public Relations Director Marc Franklin spoke to Wired.com's Game|Life and explained that due to the response from consumers, the company was considering the manufacture of more units of the limited edition Mario collection. If you missed your chance of snapping up a copy and can't find any second-hand copies anywhere, you're in luck.

Retailer Toys R' Us has listed the limited edition on its website with a shipping date of 13th March so you have about a month to save those pennies if you want to avoid disappointment again. When the game originally launched in North America on 12th December 2010, it didn't take much time for it to sell out so it comes as no surprise that some retailers are imposing a limit of one copy per customer when retailers begin restocking the game next month.

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