Extra income is never a bad thing!

With the recent announcement that the once WiiWare-exclusive Retro City Rampage will now be launching on the Xbox Live Arcade service first, the WiiWare version following several months later, developer Brian Provinciano wants gamers to know that he apologises for the delay. "It's very crushing to see the reaction of the Wii fans towards the delay," he says, stressing that he has "done absolutely everything possible to ensure the multi-platform release impacted Wii fans as minimally as possible."

As disappointing as the delay of Vblank Entertainment's open-world action parody from is, both versions will bring with them more content in the form of additional missions and playable characters. The news that the XBLA version will support widescreen output, a challenge mode, a character creator, and video replays might be a little frustrating for Wii-only gamers, but the dedicated Provinciano tells us:

The additional content for the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of RCR which is not included in the Wii release is ENTIRELY content which is only possible on Xbox. It's only that which specifically uses certain functionality that the Wii does not have. The Wii version will still contain the entire game and everything that is not HD or Xbox LIVE related.

The game is now scheduled for release on XBLA in the summer of 2011, with a WiiWare version planned for fall 2011. Be sure to read our interview with Provinciano, where you can find out about the game's eight-year journey from conception to development.

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