War isn't easy

Following its recent medley of musical releases, Abylight is getting ready to publish its upcoming tower defence game that's developed for the DSiWare service by Japanese studio Kawamoto Industrial, and we have the official trailer that shows the kind of multi-tasking gamers will have to perform when it launches later in the year.

Dairojo! Samurai Defenders is set in the Edo period of Japan and has six dfferent castles to choose from and to defend against enemy armies. Their attempts at capturing the historical castles will have players fending off attacks on land, underground tunnels, and even in the air. Tactics aren't the only necessity as various items will be available for players to utilise.

Gamers can play within four play modes: Normal, Score Attack, Random and VS mode. Players have a range of Shoguns to command and will need to strategically place their Spears, Archers, Gunners, Cannons and Generals to prevent the enemy from reaching the castle gates. Dairojo! Samurai Defenders supports two player action where gamers can compete against each other using the one cartridge and local wireless connectivity.

The game is currently scheduled for release in North America this Winter.