To celebrate the release of upcoming Raving Rabbids In Time for Wii Ubisoft and Nintendo Life were proud to present a very special competition, with three sets of tickets available, each set lets one winner plus two friends and a parent to attend a special Rabbids sleep over in the Science Museum.

Contestants had to answer the following question: Where would you travel in time if you had the Rabbid’s time travelling washing machine? We've selected our three favourite answers:

-TR with "I'd go back and see which came first, the chicken or the egg - It's a tough one to crack.", finally answering that age old question!

dajosh27 with "I would travel to back to the 80s and 90s so I could play some of those awesome arcade games like Street Fighter and NBA Jam..", ah the golden age of arcades, we miss you too.

kateminx with "I would travel back about half an hour before I ate the whole chocolate cake ", one we're sure the Rabbids would find useful.

The winners will be contacted via email to receive further instructions on the event, congratulations!

It seems lots of people wanted to head back to the 1966 World Cup Final for obvious reasons, plenty of folks went with the Jurassic Park vibe and wanted to visit the Dinosaurs, others wanted to go back to a more youthful self or to be with past relatives, even to World War 3 (kind of scary) and finally one entry simple said: Alaska - but why cluff?

Whilst we won't be attending the event ourselves, we hope to share some Ubisoft coverage of the sleepover next weekend.

[source Competition2: Rabbids Travel in Time Science Adventure (UK)]