Tickling or tinkling, it's up to you

Having already learnt the instrument in Music On: Learning Piano, now you can enjoy simply playing it in Music On: Playing Piano.

Out in Europe tomorrow and reaching North America on Monday, your 200 Points earns you fifteen songs and knowledge of the necessary notes to play them yourself. The press release plays on the game's hand-eye-ear co-ordination aspects, so we'll soon see if this is a more enjoyable and advanced take on the old ebony and ivory than its predecessor.

Abylight is proud to announce the worldwide release of “Music on: Playing Piano”, second game of its successful musical series for Nintendo DSiWareTM.

“Playing Piano” will be available for the Europeans next Friday, October 15th, and for the Americans the following Monday, October 18th; priced at only 200 Nintendo DSi PointsTM.

Because less is more, this is exactly “Playing Piano” a simple, intuitive and yet addictive game that will challenge your gaming abilities.

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Music On: Playing Piano

Playing the piano has never been so easy and so much fun!

This new collection of 15 popular songs allows you to enjoy a complete musical experience even if you have no prior knowledge of the piano.

Notes transformed into rectangles appear over the piano keys to show you where, when and how to play them. The song speed increases depending on the game's level.

"Music on: Playing Piano" is an easy, intuitive and addictive game that will challenge your auditory and visual coordination.

Songs included:
For old times (Traditional)
Red River Valley (Traditional)
Greensleeves (Traditional)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (George M. Cohan)
El Condor Pasa (A. Robles)
Old black Joe (Stephen Foster)
The Saints (Traditional)
Alouette (Traditional)
Camptown Races (Stephen Foster)
Katyusha (Traditional)
Guantanamera (Traditional)
The Easy Winners (Scott Joplin)
The Banana Boat Song (Traditional)
Oh! Susanna (Stephen Foster)
La Cucaracha (Traditional)