Robo Sonics racing

Wii's Sonic Colours (or Sonic Colors if you're of that persuasion) is set to feature a multiplayer game where two hedgehog fans can team up to overcome specially-designed levels. But why do the characters have antennae on their heads? They're part of Dr Eggman's Sonic Simulator, of course.

This new gameplay trailer sent over from Sega shows off the mammalian multiplayer mode and it looks like classic 2D side-scrolling action is the order of the day. Gamers can team up to combine Wisp powers to overcome obstacles or go it alone and try to achieve a higher score than their teammate.

Although it was recently revealed that SonicColours on DS would include online play, it seems the two-player mode in the Wii version is offline only, although both versions feature online leaderboards to satiate your desire for Internet connectivity.