Make it so, by royal decree!

Little King's Story may have been our joint Game of the Year 2009 but that didn't translate into massive sales at the tills, and things got worse for fans when co-developer Cing went into administration in early 2010. It looked as though Corobo's story stopped there, but an interview with Tomio Kanazawa, Marvelous Entertainment's Group Manager, may reignite that tiny flame of hope.

Tomio Kanazawa: Even now, we receive requests from players of games like Muramasa and Little King’s Story to continue their stories, and we’re currently working to meet their needs.

Of course, the phrase "working to meet their needs" could mean a hundred different outcomes rather than a straightforward Little King's Story 2, but the interview closes with an opportunity to do your bit for the adventures of Corobo and his court.

Siliconera: Aside from Harvest Moon, out of all the original Marvelous IP, which would you like to revisit?

There’s a lot, really. There’s actually so much that I can’t really give a full answer. What games would you like us to revisit? What do your readers wish us to revisit?

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