We can all agree that Super Mario Bros. has made a big influence on gaming, but social networking? Not so much. Until today that is, with a new Mario-inspired Twitter application now on the iPhone.

The bunny-hopping Super Twario client launched on the App Store today, turning the social messaging site into a platform game, letting users bang their heads against Tweets in another way. There are achievements for performing certain Twitter-based activities, with Game Center support for the truly competitive out there.

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Head First Brings Retro Gaming To Twitter With The Launch Of Super Twario

Manchester, UK - 20th October 2010 – Head First, the UK based advertising and design agency, is pleased to announce the App Store launch of Super Twario, its debut iPhone App which allows users to explore and interact with their Twitter accounts as a retro platform game.

Super Twario is a revolutionary new way of experiencing and navigating Twitter and its multitude of tweets. Users take on the role of Twario, the hippest bunny in town, and are able to explore Twitter as a platform game, with points and achievements awarded for carrying out various Twitter-related activities. Twario is controlled with a simple tilt of the user’s iOS device, allowing them to see their Twitter feed across horizontal platforms, with taps to jump and swiping to run faster.

The Super Twario app also features all the essentials a tweeter would need from a Twitter client, with the ability to create tweets, reply to other users and retweet messages made possible through controlling Twario. Users can read and reply to Tweets with ease by making Twario jump on them or retweet the message by hitting the Twitter user’s image.

For gamers with a competitive streak, Super Twario is fully compatible with the iPhone’s Game Center, with functionality for unlocking achievements and racking up high scores for leaderboards.

Dom Conlon, Director, Head First comments, “The App Store has a countless number of Twitter clients but there’s nothing quite as innovative or fun as Super Twario.” He adds, “We’re hugely excited to see Super Twario launch on the App Store and we hope our blend of application and game makes it a fitting debut for Head First.”

Super Twario features in full:
· Twitter transformed into a platform game world
· Tilt, tap and swipe controls guide Twario through the Twitter feed
· Unlockable Game Center Achievements
· Tweet, Retweet, Reply from within the App
· Day and Night mode
Super Twario is available on the App store for iPhone and iPod Touch devices from today, priced at GBP £1.19/ USD $1.99 /€1.59.