Was he less or even more eccentric?

Telltale Games is continuing the release of its behind-the-scenes videos on the upcoming Back to the Future series for WiiWare and the latest talks about how the production team stays true to the franchise yet strive to offer something that people who have yet to see the films will still enjoy.

Dennis Lenart, director of Back to the Future: Episode I explains that his main role was to filter the development of the game through a fan's eyes, so that when they play the game, nothing feels out of place. The first episode takes place six months after the events of Back to the Future: Part III and will have players in a variety of time periods. Playing as Marty McFly, players will come to the aid of Doc Brown and one of the interesting concepts that the developers have come up with is what Doc would have been like when he was younger.

Hey, maybe it was Marty that knocked his clock off the wall as he broke into his bathroom... for whatever reason.

[source gametrailers.com]