Whether Activision is all about the money isn't really for us to say, but one thing most will agree on is that it has several franchises in its pockets into which at any given time the company can reach, pulling out a sequel or spin-off. So with the upcoming revival of the GoldenEye name, the publisher's motivation is being questioned by one of the original designers of the Nintendo 64 first-person shooter.

Talking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Martin Hollis, former designer at Rare, has spoken out about how he feels Activision is bringing Bond back on the Wii for profits rather than passion:

I imagine it is a business decision isn't it? This name is valuable, let's use it. I find it hard to picture Activision's top management being excited about the original and wanting to do it justice. In fact, I find it hard to imagine them being excited about any game. It's my perception that they are trying to be EA, only more so. I think they are doing a fine job at that.

On a more positive note, Hollis has more faith in the developer and says Eurocom is a company he knows and likes:

I think they are a good company. I'm confident they have done their very best.

[source officialnintendomagazine.co.uk]