To be known as "My Starry Night Sky" in other territories - just kidding!

Could predictions of the death of WiiWare in Japan have been premature? It appears so as there's two new titles coming next week, both from 3rd parties. Import gaming fantatics should reign in their excitement, however as both appear to be "lifestyle" apps rather than games. The DSi offerings are unlikely to engender any excitement either since one of the two is yet another study aid from good old IEEE Institute.


PLANETARIUM (500pts - Hudson) -- First fish and now the stars! Planetarium isn't quite the space version of My Aquarium, however it does do something similar by providing an experience for people in their living room which might be otherwise impossible. In this case being able to see a clear night sky from any part of the world - a rarity for people living in heavily populated areas due to light pollution. There's an included guide to the constellations which appear to be of the standard Greek/Roman variety (bit of a missed opportunity if constellations from other cultures are omitted), though unlike My Aquarium there is no DLC provision so you don't need to worry about getting sucked into collecting all the planets or whatever.

Osu! Excercise Dojo (800pts - IEEE Institute) -- This is the first WiiWare game we can remember seeing from the premiere vendor of study aides for DSiWare and it's a fitness program which seems to fit in with their usual modus operandi. The exercises are a mix of tai chi, karate forms and other stretching exercises with more available to download for more points (naturally). Essentially it appears to be an exercise video with a figure moving in front of a mirror for you to emulate. There's no mention of Balance Board support for interactivity and though it's possible there's some interactivity via the Remote, there's no mention of this in the description.


Sepas Channel (500pts - G-Mode) -- From the title you'd think it was a new channel for your DSi about "sepas" or something...but actually it's a game! It's a single-player RPG in which you control four characters who can act together or split up and go to various locations in order to solve some kind of mystery. The "channel" in the title could be a radio or TV channel, but we may never know unless Gamebridge or someone else publishes it outside of Japan...

Sokuren Keisen Shōgaku 2 Nensei (500pts - IEEE Institute) -- 2nd grade speed calculation training from our friends at IEEE Institute. Since it's more than twice the price of the first one from last week we can only presume that 2nd year primary students need more than double the maths training.