It's getting hot in here

If you're looking forward to Team Meat's upcoming Super Meat Boy then you're in luck, as the latest post on the developers' official blog has announced that the Xbox Live Arcade version is now content complete. With the XBLA game nearing the finish line, that means Team Meat will be able to concentrate its considerable talents on the forthcoming WiiWare release.

The game promises a return to the hardcore platformer era with titles like Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Mega Man 2, and Super Mario Bros. 2 cited as influences.

This game hits that target dead on and even seems to take it a step further. This game is twitch-platformer in a very pure form.

Super Meat Boy will feature seven chapters, with an extra bonus chapter that the developers aren't ready to chat about yet. To find out what you can expect from this latest dish that Team Meat's cooked up, you can read the first part of our Super Meat Boy First Impressions, and the second part here.

There's certainly a fair amount of buzz around this title as earlier this year, Super Meat Boy was one of three WiiWare titles nominated for the Direct2Drive Vision Award at the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco, California. Other categories that it was nominated in were Excellence in Audio and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

What kind of enemies will our boy meat here?

Stay tuned to Nintendo Life as it shouldn't be too long until release dates and pricing details are revealed.