It must be said, it's got a great name

Fed up of waiting for Rytmik's North American launch on August 23rd? Console yourself that SoftEgg Enterprises is filling the musical void with its new title, Rhythm Core Alpha, due to launch on DSiWare next week for 500 Points.

Whereas Rytmik is designed for constant musical tweaking and fine-tuning, Rhythm Core Alpha's strong suit is live musical performing, with a wealth of features for talented folks to exploit in creating melodic masterpieces. With auto-detection of scales and keys, the ability to transpose instantly using one button and the ability to cue up segments of the tune to be repeated, this could be a powerful and above all enjoyable way to create music on DSi.

We'll have a review for you shortly after the game's North American release next Monday. In the meantime, check out the screenshots in the gallery page – though they're not much eye candy, admittedly – and head over to the official Rhythm Core Alpha website to see the game in motion.

SoftEgg™ is pleased to announce the release of music-making application Rhythm Core Alpha™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ for the Americas on Monday, August 9th, 2010 for 500 Nintendo Points™!

Rhythm Core Alpha™ is an advanced music creation system designed for creating and performing live music in-front of an audience. It contains DRUM GRID for creating drum parts, a NOTE GRID for creating instrument parts, a unique 2D SOLO MODE where the user can play music live with the stylus, and a PATTERN SCREEN for arranging pattern and key/scale changes.

“The great thing about Rhythm Core Alpha is that the music never has to stop. You can be editing one block, while playing another.” says program creator T. B. Trzepacz. “Rhythm Core Alpha detects the key of the music automatically, so you can change the key of the music you sequenced with the +Control Pad or face buttons, like fingering a guitar, while soloing with the stylus using your other hand. Or you can sequence all of the chord changes in the pattern mode and concentrate more on your playing.”

Drum Grid

  • 12 tracks
  • 64 beats per track
  • 122 sounds
  • 7 velocity levels
  • Track mute and solo modes.
  • 7 powerful editing options: copy, shift, set, clear, random, echo, and velocity.
  • Up to 100 drum / note blocks (loops) can be stored.

Note Grid

  • 8 tracks
  • 64 beats per track
  • 166 sounds
  • 7 velocity levels
  • Track mute and solo modes.
  • 8 powerful editing commands: copy, shift, set, clear, random, echo, velocity, and transpose.
  • Automatically detects key and scale, allows remapping using +Control Pad or buttons.
  • 24 key/scale (chord) change options using buttons, from 120 possible key/scale combinations.
  • Up to 100 drum / note blocks (loops) can be stored.

Solo Mode

  • 2D solo grid gives over 6 octaves of notes on screen.
  • Each note can reach 6 other notes without lifting the stylus for more fluid play.
  • Notes in grid remap to current scale... no wrong notes can be hit!
  • User can override scale selection.
  • Drums can also be played from the solo screen!.

Pattern Screen

  • Up to 1000 steps can be set.
  • Sequences key/scale (chord) and block (drum and note loop) changes.
  • Powerful loop-back feature allows looping chord progressions.
  • +Control Pad and face buttons can be used to jump to steps in the pattern for flexibility.