No words required

The more seasoned gamers amongst our readership may remember the 16-bit ClayFighter from its original release back in 1993, or perhaps from its more recent outing on the Virtual Console. Those yet to discover the game's moulded delights will soon be able to see what they make of it when ClayFighter launches on DSiWare in the coming months, and we've just received a packet of screenshots.

Bad Mr. Frosty, Bonker and hero of Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure all feature in the stills that show the game's lost none of its bizarre quirks in the transition to DSiWare. Where else could you see a nearly-naked Santa take on an evil snowman, or witness Earthworm Jim getting whacked by a pumpkin-headed monster? For those reasons alone, keep ClayFighter on your pocket radar.