Kerblammo, fish.

WiiWare's virtual pet shop is getting fuller all the time, with Zoo Disc Golf, My Zoo and My Aquarium among the animal-filled attractions on offer. Nintendo itself is entering the furry fray this week, with Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium on the way to Europe for 600 Points.

Looking like a combination between Endless Ocean and My Aquarium, Zenquaria lets you customise your own aquarium with decorations and around 40 species of fish, who will each grow and even procreate over time. If you don't feel like watching from afar, you can even jump into the 'action' by taking your Mii inside the tank to feed the fish and search for hidden trivia icons.

Head over to the Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium page at Nintendo's site for a video and screenshots, and check back next week for our review.