Drop some magic.

The WiiWare drought continues with only the VC to comfort Wii fans next week and things aren't much more exciting on the DSi with only two games and an educational title to start out July.

Virtual Console

Magical Drop III (900pts Neo Geo - D4 Enterprise) – You might dismiss this game as a rip-off of Puzzle Bobble, but the play mechanics are different enough that it feels fresh and interesting even for die-hard Puzzle Bobble veterans. This 3rd iteration is regarded by many as the best version, so it's definitely worth picking it up for puzzle fans; especially considering Majesco's Data East Arcade Classics – where you will also find it – remains a North American exclusive.


Hajimete no Mojirenjuu (200pts - Mechanic Arms) – An educational title which is for teaching little kids entering school the hiragana and katakana syllabic writing systems. Shows stroke order for the characters and has tracing exercises for practice.

Handy Hockey (200pts - ITL) – A 3-in-1 air hockey game for 1-2 players which supports download play for local multiplayer. You get your basic air hockey and two other games using your paddle and puck to break bricks Breakout-style or bowl in a top-down 10-pin alley.

Hero of Sparta (800pts - Gameloft) – It's a given that Gameloft's releases will eventually show up in all territories, so no surprise that this 3D action game is appearing in the Japanese DSi Shop. We thought it was a pretty average handheld version of God of War, but read our Hero of Sparta review to learn more.