You can never have enough virtual fish on your Wii


Blue Oasis: Michi naru Shinkai (500pts - Hudson) — People in the know will recognise Blue Oasis as the Japanese name for Hudson's perennially popular virtual fish tank, My Aquarium. Apparently not satisfied with what has to be one of the best-selling WiiWare titles of all time, more than two years on Hudson has determined a sequel is in order. This one is focused on deep sea environments and initially offers a choice of anglerfish, oarfish and ocean sunfish, amongst others. As with the previous game, you can buy additional fish to decorate your tank (and no doubt some fancy doo-dads, too). With this exotic line-up could Hudson capture a top five slot for another two years?

Virtual Console

Clock Tower (800pts Super Famicom - Sunsoft) — A horror game on the Super Family Computer? Apparently so, and it was originally only published in Japan. Given Sunsoft's determination to sell its wares in other regions again, could gamers in other territories eventually get a peek?

Miracle Adventure (900pts Neo Geo - D4 Enterprise) — Two virtual console games in one week has become something of a rare treat in Japan lately, and it's nice to see the Neo Geo train keep on rolling with this cartoony platformer. As long as you're plumbing the Neo Geo depths, how about Nightmare in the Dark, D4?

A racing game grampa would enjoy


Iza! Kake Agare! Tower of God (200pts - Tom Create) — A platforming game in which the goal is to climb a tower to the gods is the latest addition to Tom Create's cheap-and-cheerful DSiWare catalogue.

Kemonomix (200pts - Rocket Studio, Inc.) — If we understand the garbled translation Google generated for us, this is a virtual pet game in which the creatures are aliens living on different planets that you can find and mix or something. Apparently alien pets look like humanoid dogs, cats, and rabbits, which doesn't seem that alien to us. But who can say? Obviously if we're completely wrong (well, you should really blame Google), by all means let us know!

DOT MAN (200pts - Silver Star Japan) — We've long thought that given the lack of interest Atari's current incarnation has shown in exploiting its 8-bit IP catalogue, someone should just start producing knock-off games for WiiWare or the DSi, and here we are. Anyone old enough to remember the Atari 2600 will look at DOT MAN (ALL-CAPS MAKES IT BETTER!) and immediately think "Dodge 'Em!" Although the cars don't appear to be travelling in opposite directions, your goal is still to get the most dots/coins and avoid getting caught by the other car. Our 8-bit nostalgia glands have been sufficiently tweaked such that you can be sure we'll get you some first impressions of this game after it hits the shop.

Her gown must be at the cleaners

Break Tactics (500pts - Silver Star Japan) — A double-hitter for Silver Star next week! What better to pair-up with an early 8-bit budget release than a modestly-priced 8-bit styled tactical RPG starring what looks like a witch in saucy underwear?

Monster Chronicle (800pts - Gameloft) — Rounding out one of the more interesting Japanese release weeks for DSiWare in quite some time is a new Pokemon clone from Gameloft. A premium price as always and if the description is correct then it's well-justified with over 160 different monsters which can be bred and even have their faces somehow changed using the DSi cameras. This was recently released in North America and Europe as Crystal Monsters, and we'll have our review up soon.