Virtual Console

Dunk Dream (900pts Neo Geo - D4 Enterprise) -- Sold in Europe as Street Slam and North America as Street Hoop, it's a tournament game of 3-on-3 street basketball with a choice of teams from various nations around the world.


@Simple DS Series Vol. 4: The Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu - Karakuri Yashiki (500pts - D3Publisher) -- This is the fourth in a series of DSiWare first-person adventure games which place players in a room and task them with escaping it using objects found therein.

Renai Hen Sachi ★ Navi (500pts - Gameloft) - Otherwise known as Date or Ditch, this game has been given a serious revamp for the Japanese market with the anime stylings that you'd expect in such a game in the land of the rising sun.

Aishite Iruka: Aisarete Iruka (800pts - Starfish-SD, Inc.) -- Love dolphins and teaching virtual ones tricks? Well, this is for you! You take on the role of trainer on a dolphin-shaped island with the goal of training your chosen friend (10 species are available, including orcas) to get bigger and bigger shows and earn more coin. Naturally, you'll also show your virtual affection using stylus strokes.