Dismemberments are unsettlingly satisfying

It's been a long old while since we've heard anything about Nabi Studios' fighter Toribash: Violence Perfected, but it's emerged from the silence cocoon with the news it will hit Europe next Friday, July 9th for 1,000 Points.

If you're unfamiliar with the admittedly odd concept, Toribash is a turns-based fighting game where extending and contracting muscles enables you to pull off spectacular moves, one step at a time. It's been available on PC for quite some time, with the WiiWare version promising intuitive controls, online play over WiFi Connection and the ability to share your best moves and replays with other Wii owners.

Check out some of the incredible attacks in this trailer and check out the game for yourself on WiiWare next Friday. There is currently no news on a North American release.

[source nintendo.co.uk]