No missions for you, Rare

Rare was undoubtedly one of the brightest stars back in the Nintendo 64 era and with two top-quality first-person shooters alone tucked under its belt, a selection of compelling 3D platformers and of course, the much-loved Donkey Kong 64; it must have been difficult for Nintendo to let go and eventually sell its stake in the company. It must have been even more difficult as Microsoft was on the receiving end but because of what it had achieved in the past, it is no wonder gamers still cling onto the hope that one day, Rare will step up and once again spin another yarn headed by the most famous MI5 Officer in the world.

Well, if you're one of those gamers, you'd better start berating yourself for getting all excited over the recent rumours surrounding a new GoldenEye showing its face on the Wii. We should never say never, but a Rare spokesperson has confirmed to CVG that it is currently not working on a GoldenEye game.

The headache of bringing back the Goldeneye franchise to the Wii is that there are so many parties involved. Activision is the licence holder of James Bond video games, and Rare (now part of Microsoft) seem to have a clash of interests with Nintendo.

There's always the possibility that another developer is working on a new GoldenEye game. Whether or not these recent box-art images of a new Daniel Craig-headed Bond game, and the mock-up of the Wii Klobb peripheral are authentic, one thing that is real is gamers' appetite for a contemporary GoldenEye.