Time to dig out that cape and tiny pants, readers: this new trailer for upcoming Batman adventure The Brave and the Bold is sending out the Batsignal into the night sky.

Despite sounding like an American daytime soap opera, Batman: The Brave and the Bold is based on the cartoon series, putting players in control of the Caped Crusader himself as well as Robin, the Green Lantern and everybody's favourite, the Blue Beetle. Two-player co-op play for the Wii version is to be expected, but the ability to link up the DS and Wii versions to unlock Bat-Mite and other new features is an intriguing idea.

Being developed by WayForward Technologies of A Boy and His Blob fame, perhaps the most exciting thing about this title is the full hand-drawn animation that looks set to mimic the show's dynamic action well.

Here's the Bat-trailer to get all Bat-excited about.