One of the most expensive Neo Geo games!

The Virtual Console seems to have been winding down in its amount of releases worldwide as of late, but Japan seems to be the first region to stop that nonsense - Next month they'll bet getting six new retro games. A whole four of them are for the Neo Geo, but it's still nice to see the VC is not quite ready to die just yet.

The full list of new games for Japan in July is as follows:


  • Moero TwinBee Cinnamon Hakushi o Sukue! (The second TwinBee game on the Famicom, it mixes things up with horizontal stages in addition to the standard vertical ones. It was, strangely, released in North America as Stinger.)

Super Famicom:

  • Metal Max 2 (Oddly similar to the original Final Fantasy in terms of graphics, this is an RPG with a modern war setting by Data East.)

Neo Geo:

  • Dunk Dream (A basketball game, which was also released as Street Hoop in North America and Street Slam in Europe.)
  • Magical Drop III (Similar to the previous game, this is pretty much a mixture of Puyo Puyo and Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move.)
  • Top Scorer: Flame of Libero (A football/soccer game which is actually the fourth in a series, strangely, they've chosen to release it before the first three. The western release, known as The Ultimate 11, is one of the absolute rarest Neo Geo games - Less than 10 copies are known to exist!)
  • World Heroes Perfect (The final World Heroes game, which aside from a few new gameplay elements only offers one new character.)

Now, let's hope other publishers start stepping their game up again as well!