Better games = better sales for Mr Iwata

Just under two months ago we shared news that software sales in the UK were at their lowest in four years, with various factors blamed. Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata has recently discussed why software sales figures have fallen worldwide, with the blame levelled at a surprising party: video game developers.

Mr Iwata openly acknowledged the recession did affect video game sales, but clearly stated that disappointing figures were caused by a lack of great software that people wanted to buy. The video games industry was not showing itself off in the best light, he claims, saying the great attraction of games has not been ably communicated to gamers, causing sales to tail off.

Stressing the importance of coming up with new and interesting product ideas, Mr Iwata stated that the past principle of increasing graphical power is no longer effective in driving sales, but that continuing innovation will help the games industry to recover and sales to pick up.

With upcoming Wii games including Metroid: Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn, GoldenEye, Disney's Epic Mickey and more, it looks like sales could return to a healthy state before the year is out.