You won't have to keep picking up the cars and putting them back on the tracks with this game

When a game allows you to edit and create your own levels, it's perhaps its most enticing selling point. A feature that is more commonly found on PC games, the number of console titles that offer this level of customisation is understandably lower in comparison. Firebrand Games' upcoming racing game will offer gamers that very feature and it's looking quite impressive.

The TrackMania series – which debuted on the PC – has generally received favourable reviews, and a TrackMania DS was even created for Nintendo handheld gamers to enjoy. Now, it's time for the Wii to get a taste of what the franchise has to offer and Focus Home Interactive has unveiled a new trailer to show off the track editing aspect of the game.

Long-time fans of the series should be familiar with the track editor and the Wii version doesn't look like it will disappoint. Featuring over 1,000 building blocks, players can create their own tracks, share them, race friends and challenge them in real-time via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game also supports a number of control methods, ranging from the Remote and Nunchuk setup to the Classic Controller, and even the tilt-tastic Wii Wheel.

Race on more than 200 tracks divided into six environments (for as many types of gameplay), and numerous game modes: Race, Platform, or Puzzle! Of course, multiplayer modes are also included: Hotseat mode, 4 players split-screen, and especially online play using Nintendo Wi-Fi connection! Compete against your friends and join online players from all around the world!

This is exactly the type of racing game that could potentially do well on a console like the Wii as there aren't many comparable alternatives. Many games that have originated from the desktop have found a welcoming home on Nintendo's premier system and we think TrackMania could certainly be another candidate. We previously reported on the first screenshots and the teaser trailer but now, let's take a deeper look into the track editor.

TrackMania is scheduled for release on the Wii very soon, so if it seems like a game you're interested in, make sure you check back with us when we have more concrete details to share with you.