Dad-approved entertainment

Earlier this year we quite favourably reviewed the GameCube release Intellivision Lives!, a collection of over sixty games from the presumed dead retro system. Among its catalogue were not only nostalgia-inducing favorites but demos and prototypes as well, including everything from Bomb Squad to Baseball and Thunder Castle to Crosswords and much more.

The ESRB recently outed the same title for the DS, its lifespan prolonged by Collision Studios. Last year we reported that Nintendo rejected the title for its DSiWare service as they do not condone downloadable emulation. Those of you felt let down on that occasion can now rejoice.

Whether the release will include the full lineup of its previous outing is currently unknown, but if its catalogue is even somewhat comparable, it's sure to rival some DSi downloads and other budget titles that only offer a portion of its genre-spanning entertainment. We'll keep you updated on all future developments.