Collect those noodles!

We reported in December that the hardcore BlazBlue series was soon to make its debut on Nintendo's DSiWare service in the form of a cute, big-headed battle game with full free roaming for 500 Nintendo Points. Known as BlazBlue Battle X Battle in Japan, the ESRB has outed its Western release, known now as BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale and brought over by Aksys Games Localization. They describe the game as follows:

This is an arena-fighter game in which players control small, stubby fighters that compete in fighting matches: last-man standing, hitting opponents to collect soba noodles, and capture-the-flag. The "cartoony" characters mostly punch and kick each other in the arena; characters stagger back and cry out in pain when hit.

We've never been kicked in the arena but it sounds painful. We'll update you with more information as it becomes available and will of course bring you a full review shortly after the game's available on DSiWare.