The classic "returns!"

DSiWare doesn't hold any surprises, but it's nice to see more VCA releases and of course Capcom fueling the retro-fires.


Rockman 10 (1000pts - Capcom) — By now we hope everyone knows this is what we know as Mega Man 10 outside of Japan. We though it was a worthy successor to the franchise crown; no doubt gamers in Japan will agree.

Virtual Console

Moon Cresta (800pts Arcade - Hamster Corp.) — Another Nichibutsu arcade classic from Hamster Corp. Moon Cresta was also distributed by Centuri under license as "Eagle" with different player ship sprites. Unlike most vertical shooters of the day instead of having three ships which were the same, players had three stages of one large ship with which to take on alien invaders. After each run through the enemy waves you would dock with the next ship stage, giving you more firepower - assuming you didn't get destroyed by enemies or blow the docking manoeuvre. Novel, but challenging, though another example of a game that will likely appeal more to nostalgia buffs than younger gamers.


G.G. Series Throw Out (200pts - Genterprise) — 4 on 4 futuristic handball? It's another single-player budget arcade-style game from developer Suzak on DSiWare!

Renjuku Kanji: Shoogaku 4 Nensei & Renjuku Kanji: Shoogaku 5 Nensei (500pts - I.E. Institute) — Two more in the educational series from I.E. Institute for teaching school kids their kanji (unpleasant but necessary if you're going to succeed in modern Japan kids, get to it!).

Brain Challenge (500pts - Gameloft) — A catch-up title from Gameloft, who seem to be one of the few Western publishers making an effort to bring their wares to the Japanese DSi Shop.

Let's Golf (800pts - Gameloft) — Another catch-up release for Japan from Gameloft. Golf certainly has a following in Japan, so releasing this premium title over there seems a safe bet.