Not a bad score at all, Slim Shady

Considering it's a crusty old arcade machine from a few decades back Donkey Kong sure is grabbing a lot of headlines recently.

First there was the amazing King of Kong movie based around Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell's titanic struggle to achieve the best DK score in history.

More recently we're seen a relative newcomer grab the accolade when Hank Chien ranked 1,061,700 on the machine earlier this month.

Now the tale has taken a rather unexpected turn with million-selling rapper Eminem tweeting a photo of a Donkey Kong score screen, followed by the text:

To my fellow Kongers, peep the new high score. Just imagine if I had more free time...

While his top score of 465,800 is unlikely to trouble Wiebe, Mitchell and Chien, it's still better than many of us here could ever hope to achieve and proves that the rapper has some serious Kong skills.

Whatever next? Ice Cube shows off his best Paperboy score? Snoop Dogg admits he can one-credit Strider?

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