A remake of a classic!

The Virtual Console seems to be in full swing in Europe again, after a rather lackluster period - We got Street Fighter Alpha 2 last week, and we're getting Sonic & Knuckles the next. The space inbetween isn't empty either, because Capcom has chosen to release two games in a row. Meanwhile, on WiiWare, we've finally gotten a certain racing game from Nintendo.

Final Fight 3 for the SNES is without a doubt the best game in the Final Fight series. With four characters to pick from this time, a ton of stages to go through, branching paths, and great visuals and sound, it's actually good enough to rival the sublime Streets of Rage 2. It's also one of the rarest SNES games, because it was released incredibly late and in fairly limited quantities - So being able to get it on the Virtual Console for a mere 800 Wii Points makes it an absolute steal. You can read our thoughts here.

Without a doubt the more interesting WiiWare release this week is Excitebike: World Challenge, the latest in the Excite series. In a return to the basics, it's pretty much a remake of the original game, including the track editor, although it does incorporate some small elements from later games in the series. Of course, the biggest addition is the ability to play online against others - And it's just as fun as you'd imagine. At 1000 Wii Points, it's double the price of the original, but trust us, it's worth it!

"Aha! I Got It!" Hidden Object Game is the second game from Ateam, who previously brought us the moderately fun "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game. This time, you're not trying to escape from rooms by solving puzzles, but trying to find certain objects in large pictures. With a list of items to find on hand, you must scour every little detail of each picture, trying to find everything you need. Good luck doing that though, because the game is a bit sloppily made - It can be very hard to make out certain objects, and certain items you need to find have very specific names which you might not be familiar with (Just tell us what a kakekiju is without looking it up!). All in all, we don't think it's worth your time and money, even with its low 500 Wii Point price.

Apparently Nintendo's taking a little break from rereleasing segments of Electroplankton on DSiWare, because there's no new ones this week. The only new DSiWare title is Snakenoid. Shamelessly taking its name from a combination of the games Snake and Arkanoid, it's an arcadey game in which you control a snake on the bottom screen, who must bounce balls upwards in order to take out everything on the top screen. We weren't very happy with the developer's last DSiWare release, so hopefully this one will be a bit better. It costs 500 DSi Points.

Just four games this week, but at least two of them are great. Will you be getting anything?