There's still something being offered in each category next week, but this has to be one of the lightest Japanese download weeks we can remember with only four games on offer across both platforms.


Diner Dash (1000pts - Hudson) — Hudson is pretty good about doing worldwide releases close together so you should probably expect to see this restaurant game coming to Wii Shops in your town soon!

Virtual Console

Super Famicom Wars (800pts - Nintendo) — Sequel to Famicom Wars, oddly enough! It was never released outside of Japan in the SNES days and given the amount of Japanese text used we really wouldn't expect to see it on the Virtual Console outside of Japan.


G.G. Series: Drilling Attack!! (200pts - Genterprise) — The G.G. Series shows no sign of stopping with yet another entry next week from Genterprise. The action reminds us of Drill Dozer for the GBA: drill through blocks vertically and horizontally to reach the exit whilst avoiding enemies and obstacles along the way.

Detective Saburō Jinguuji: Nakishi no Shōzō & Nazo no Jikenbo (500pts - Arc System Works) — Another in the seemingly endless line of Detective Saburō interactive novels.