Nintendo of Europe's planned games for today seemed almost set in stone since last week, but over the past few days we suddenly got a handful of extra games to complement update, bringing the total amount of new things this week up to seven. Still not quite as much as elsewhere, but at least they're inching their way ever closer!

By far the biggest deal this time is the single new Virtual Console release. Sonic & Knuckles works just the way it did originally. It can be played on its own, offering you more great 16-bit Sonic gameplay, but it can also be combined with Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2 or 3, if you've downloaded any of them, offering a whole bunch of extra content and bonuses. By far the most substantial is combining it with 3, but any Sonic fan won't want to miss the things the other two combinations offer up either. It took a long time for this to finally come out, but now it's finally here, and with full functionality! We'll have a review of it soon.

WiiWare brings us two games previously already released in North America. Konami's Frogger Returns might not involve vampires and whips, but is nonetheless also quite faithful to the old game it tries to be an upgrade of. It's got pretty much the same gameplay of the original arcade game - Make your way past traffic and numerous other obstacles to rescue your frog buddies at the top of the screen. But that's not all this time - There's several new levels and multiplayer modes to keep you entertained as well. We thought it was quite decent, and it only costs 500 Wii Points, so why not check it out?

It was a bit of a risky move bringing Overturn: Mecha Wars outside of Japan, but it was well worth the effort. As the title gives away completely, you take control of a large combat robot, and your goal is quite simply to beat other ones in multiple large arenas. Pretty simple (and fun), but the big draw here is the online multiplayer option. Not often seen in WiiWare titles, but very welcome for this particular one! If you're in the mood for some mecha-based combat, the game will not disappoint, so consider it well if you've got 800 Wii Points to spend.

DSiWare gets four new games this week, but half of that is comprised of the return of Electroplankton titles. In this case, it's Rec-Rec and Lumiloop. As before, which installment you'll like best is completely based on your own preferences, but you can read these two reviews to get an idea of what these two are about. Each costs 200 DSi Points.

Another not terribly interesting release is Sudoku 4Pockets. The umpteenth Sudoku game on DSiWare, you should know what these are about by now. As you can probably imagine, this particular one doesn't really stand out in any way or form, and so gets a rather appropriate score from us. It costs 500 DSi Points.

What might be interesting, however, is Let's Golf. A port of a PSP and iPhone game by Gameloft, it's a cutesy golf game which doesn't look particularly special. It doesn't look bad either though, so maybe it will be a nice alternative to the already quite good Nintendo Touch Golf? Like all Gameloft games (Well, except one), it costs 800 DSi Points. We'll review it soon.

There are no Virtual Console games planned for next week yet. Let's hope this ends well!