When the console was first announced to be available in its second colour in Japan, the gaming world (maybe not the entire gaming world) started to salivate at the prospect of owning the Wii in the console equivalent of sexy black lingerie. Likewise when it was available in Europe.

From March 11, gamers in Australia will be able to purchase the Nintendo Wii in the glorious colour that is black. The bundle will include the black Wii console, Wii Sports, and a black Remote and Nunchuk set. According to GfK Retail & Technology, the Wii is the fastest selling console down under with 1.75 million units sold in a 167-week period. With so many gamers, naturally, you'll want to individualise the colours of the Wii Remotes.

From February 25th onwards (that's now), the Wii Remotes will be available in black, blue, and pink. The Nunchuk attachment will also be available in black.

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