Sonic has taken a lot of criticism for his most recent 3D outing, Sonic Unleashed.The main problems being that Sega need to leave out all so-called "fake" characters and focus purely on the blue blur himself, as well as keeping it 2D and fast. Well it looks as if Sega has finally listened to the fans calling.

Over the course of five days Sega ran a character countdown for the mysterious new game. More and more characters were crossed out until eventually it was just Sonic left. Sega themselves said it's going to be a reboot which the fans will be happy with so this is a great start for most. The only problem being that Sega have not announced which platforms the game is being developed for, but we're keeping our fingers tightly crossed here.

Sega also revealed a piece of concept art showing one of the Badniks to feature in the game, which may look familiar for fans of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Exciting stuff, eh? It's just a shame Sega has yet to tell us whether Wii owners will be able to play the darned thing, though with any luck we'll have some good news for you on that front soon.