It's big, bold and beautiful

No doubt you've already cast your gaze over Corbie's excellent hands-on impressions of the shiny new Nintendo DSi XL, and as a companion to that feature we've cooked up a little video review of the console, purely because we're nice like that.

Thanks go to the friendly people at Nintendo UK for supplying us with the review unit, as well as a bizarre selection of over-sized objects (including a massive cup, gigantic calculator and huge lollipop) which we assume are intended to illustrate that "bigger is better." Whatever the hidden meaning behind these cool gifts, Nintendo Life technical guru Anthony now has them secreted all over his desk, the lucky tyke.

Anyway, here's the video in all its lurid orange-tinted glory (rule number one of home video production: use proper lighting):

The DS XL is out now in Japan - where it's know as the LL - and is due for release in the West in March.