Killer Console

As gamers we’re well aware of the bad press our hobby often receives from the mainstream media but you can’t help but laugh at The Sun’s recent headline “Resident Wii-vil” and their accompanying picture caption “Yorkshire Ripper… Bowling Fun”.

The story relates to Broadmoor Hospital, formerly Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, receiving twenty-two Nintendo Wiis along with additional remotes and copies of Wii Fit. These are being used as part of the patients’ treatment and Wii Fit is used as part of a strategy to increase exercise.

The hospital is famous for housing some of the UK’s most violent criminals including Peter Sutcliffe a.k.a. the Yorkshire Ripper and murderer Robert Napper.

A source at the hospital recalls watching Napper and Sutcliffe enjoying a game of Wii Bowling and goes on to say:

When you think of their crimes and the misery they have caused, you have to ask if it's right for society to pay to entertain them.

This cash could have been spent improving care in the wider NHS. In the meantime all we hear is laughter as patients play with their new toys.

One question remains however: has Sutcliffe created his own Mii or did he download one of joke likenesses others have created on the Mii Contest Channel?