Gamelion have extended their online competition - which offers one lucky gamer the chance to have their actual, real-life name inserted into their upcoming WiiWare title Furry Legends - into the New Year. To enter, just follow the development team on Twitter and come January 31st they'll randomly select one of their fans to have their name displayed "in a visible place" in-game.

Twitter competitions are nothing new, but it's great to see game developers embracing social media in a way that really engages players, and keeps them up to speed on new developments in game production.

The premise of Furry Legends is simple enough: roll your furry little character around a bunch of 2D levels, attack enemies and try your hardest to survive.

Gamelion have delayed the release of Furry Legends until the first quarter of 2010, to iron out bugs and generally add polish. Here's hoping they use that time to create something nice and addictive.

So yeah, follow Furry Legends on Twitter (@Furry_Legends) and be sure to check out Gamelion's development blog too.