Go skydiving and more in Pilotwings!

There's a total of 5 new releases this week - And all of them are highly regarded games! Among them are two new Nintendo games, which, as Nintendo claims, are both being released because of this week's German Gamescom event.

The Virtual Console finally gets a certain SNES launch title which strangely hasn't been made available yet - Pilotwings, a flight sim which makes heavy use of the SNES's Mode 7 3D effect. You can fly around with a variety of vehicles or gadgets, and will have to complete various objectives while doing so. It looks like a calm, simple game, but don't let that fool you - It can actually be quite challenging and anything but relaxing. We'll have a review of the game up soon.

DSiWare gets Nintendo goodness as well - This week finally sees the European release of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, the third game in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. Basically following on from the previous game, you once again have to lead Mini Marios safely to the exit in every stage, correctly modifying the stage layout while doing so to avoid them running into any danger. Contrary to what some people initially thought, it's not simply a rerelease of some stages from the previous game - These are completely new! There's also a level editor for the creative types, including online level sharing. You can read what we thought of the game here. The game will cost you 800 DSi Points.

Don't let Mario steal the spotlight away from tonight's other DSiWare release though - Pop Plus: Solo is the sequel to WiiWare launch title Pop, the addictive bubble bursting game. With new modes and of course the ability to now carry it with you anywhere you go we're sure it'll be even more addictive than the previous game. It's also only 500 DSi Points! We'll review it as fast as possible.

But this week's WiiWare lineup isn't exactly weak either - Bit.Trip Core is the sequel to the highly addictive Bit.Trip: Beat, and surprise surprise, it's just as good! This time you don't just deflect beats which come in from the right side of the screen - They'll be coming from all four sides while you're positioned in the center, so you've got to pay close attention the whole time. You can read what we thought here. It'll cost 600 Wii Points.

The other new WiiWare game on offer is Taito's next remake. For now, they're done with the Bubble Bobble series, so it's time to move on to other classic Taito games - Arkanoid Plus! is a remake of the classic ball-bouncing game Arkanoid, where the objective is to break all the blocks suspended in mid-air by bouncing around a ball using a paddle you can only move left and right. As usual, Sean already wrote some first impressions of the game when it was released in Japan a few months ago - You can read them here, and then wait for our review! As usual, it costs 800 Wii Points.

A lot of good games this week! Will you be picking up any?

[source officialnintendomagazine.co.uk]