Will The Revenge of Shinobi on VC still have this guy, we wonder?

The OFLC had a decently-sized update today, in which they added some new games rated in the past few weeks. These ratings have revealed a few new VC games for future release in PAL regions.

First up is Final Fight 2, the second in the Final Fight series which was, and still is, exclusively for the SNES. This game makes up for a lot of the flaws in the SNES version of the first game - There is now a 2-player mode, and the boss from the stage which was cut appears again in this one. You can once again play as the most hardcore mayor of all time, Mike Haggar, or you can pick one of two new characters, Maki, a female martial arts expert, or Carlos, a swordsman. Let's hope that Final Fight 3, arguably the best game in the series, will follow as well!

Sega is also releasing two more games which we kind of already figured would be coming. The most noteworthy of these is The Revenge of Shinobi, the second game in the Shinobi series. After its original release, which included various licensed characters like Spiderman and Batman, it was rereleased in edited forms multiple times, and included on some collections for the Sega CD, PC and Dreamcast. Since then, however, it hasn't been rereleased on any platform, meaning this will be the first time in about 10 years that the game is rereleased. Japan already got the game a few months ago, but we're not sure which "version" (With which licensed characters, if any) of the game they have - We'll just have to wait and see!

Also not very surprising is the release of the final Phantasy Star game, which just so happens to be the first game in the series! Unlike The Revenge of Shinobi, this game has been included in a few recent Sega collections, but at least now you will finally be able to have all 4 classic Phantasy Star games on your Wii!

In less important news, the OFLC has also rated Detana!! Twinbee, but we already knew it was coming, as it will be part of this month's Hanabi Festival! A few WiiWare games have also been rated, namely LIT, Mahjong and TV Show King 2.