It's true the Japanese have another week with a mix of VC and WiiWare content, but Wii owners in North America and Europe need not feel the usual pangs of jealousy (well, I guess that depends on how much you've been wanting to see a couple of these...).

On the WiiWare front we have a couple of things that will likely stay in Japan and something we already know is coming to your way soon:

Out of Galaxy Koshika, 500 points -- A new downloadable manga from Sunsoft.
Tsuppari Wii Oozumoo Wii Heya, 1000 points -- Looks like a 1-2 player Sumo game with some OTT moves from Tecmo.
Onitore (Drill Sergeant Mindstrong), 800 points -- The maths minigame compilation from HI Games.

Only two VC releases (awwwww): Mappy for the VC Arcade, which was a launch title for VCA in NA/EU and the Japanese get to pay 800 rather than 500 points for whatever reason, but I suspect most people will be more interested in the Super Famicom RPG from Hudson: Der Langrisser for 800 points.