The game is titled Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure and looking at the screens it appears the kids have grown a bit taller and instead of a score you're ranked according to time and height scaled. Hopefully it will be as fun as Bubble Bobble Wii/Plus has proven to be!

Check our screenshot gallery below and let us know your thoughts about the new graphical style.

Additionally Japanese Wii owners get access to two other WiiWare releases: Game of Life (including virtual spinner -- woo!) and MADSECTA (Onslaught in the rest of the world). Addtionally they get two Virtual Console releases: Space Invaders the Original Game for the PC Engine (port of the SNES/PSX game of the same name) and Dragon Slayer II for the Megadrive.

4-6 WiiWare/VC releases a week has been the norm in Japan for quite some time; will we ever see that in the West?

Source: Nintendo of Japan