Race to victory with the DK Crew! Donkey Kong® and friends have located high-powered barrel rockets, and now the battle for king of the jungle is on.

  • Donkey Kong is Back! One of Nintendo's most popular characters, Donkey Kong, is back with all of his friends … and a few enemies as well. Diddy Kong®, Dixie Kong™, King K. Rool™ and the whole gang appear as playable characters in this fast-paced racing adventure.
  • Shake, Rattle, and Roll! Simple Wii controls make racing a snap. Shake the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ to accelerate, then shake one or the other to turn. Press a single button or shake the controller to jump, attack or use items.
  • Rocket to Victory! Target enemies with a Pineapple Cannon, skillfully chain together Wild Moves or use the Wii Remote to blast out of a Style Barrel. Multiple game-play modes, 16 awesome courses and a rollicking four-player multiplayer game will keep players coming back for more.

How to progress through the game:

  • Grand Prix: Race solo in 12 different cups across a variety of courses and difficulty levels.
  • Time Trial: Pick the course and try to set a new record. Players can even save their best times in the form of ghost data.
  • Practice: Race across any track without the pressure of time limits or other racers.
  • Candy's Challenges: Help out Candy Kong™ by taking on 32 unique challenges, such as grabbing 1,000 bananas, beating a course in a certain time or staying in first place wire-to-wire.
  • Cranky's Flight School: Learn how to play from Cranky Kong™ himself.
  • Multiplayer: Players take on up to three friends in a high-flying free-for-all as they bash, smash and rocket their way to victory. Multiplayer is not a separate mode; players can simply choose to play the other modes with additional people.

Characters: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Lanky Kong, Tiny Kong, Funky Kong™, Wrinkly Kong, Cranky Kong, Kritter, Kopter, Klump, King K. Rool, Kludge, Kalypso, Kip and Kass.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features:

  • Wild Moves: Each course is littered with bananas. If players grab 50 of them, they can perform a Wild Move by pushing down on the control stick and then releasing it. Wild Moves propel racers forward at an insane rate of speed for a short period of time – they also allow them to run over enemies, other racers and most obstacles. Skilled players can extend the lives of their Wild Moves by hitting objects to create combos.
  • Style Barrels: If players fly into a red Style Barrel, it will fire them high over the course. While in flight, an animation of the Wii Remote will appear on-screen and ask players to shake it in a certain direction. Each time players do so successfully, the rider will pose and get showered with bananas!
  • Items: There are 15 crazy items that players can use – everything from offensive weapons like Backward Barrels and Pineapple Launchers to helpful power-ups like Banana Fairies and Crystal Coconuts. Using items effectively can turn the tide of a race.

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