Nintendo is mobilizing the largest worldwide video game console launch in at least a decade, with approximately 4 million Wii™ systems available globally during the six weeks between Wii's Nov. 19 launch in the Americas and the end of 2006.

"Although the largest share of that worldwide allotment will go to the Americas, Nintendo expects supply will be outpaced by demand, based on retailer orders, intense consumer requests and placement on numerous "gotta have it" holiday lists."

Of course, unless you live in the US we'd highly recommend you pre-order your Wii console, come Christmas you really won't want to be left out in the cold. Reggie went on to explain the demand..

"Wii is for both experienced and uninitiated gamers, and it will be available for the masses," says Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. "Because of demand, we're urging shoppers not to get complacent. The level of demand we're seeing goes beyond the ordinary. Retailers are telling us a significant fraction of customers pre-ordering Wii are nontraditional gamers - people looking for a better way to play. And that's exactly what Wii is designed to provide."

But of course, Nintendo will try their hardest to re-supply Wii consoles and have already ramped up production.

"Nintendo is maximizing all its resources for a rapid replenishment program designed to consistently pump Wii consoles into the supply pipeline and keep retailers' shelves as filled as possible. In addition, Nintendo factories are working around the clock manufacturing the extraordinary new system. Nintendo is employing fleets of planes, cargo ships, trains and ground vehicles in each global market to maintain the best supply flow possible, starting in the Americas."

Good news really, Nintendo is expecting a high demand for its product, lets hope they get it. Could Wii really mark a return to the big times for the Japanese company? We'll know more next month.