The event held in Nagoya, Japan gave the opportunity to 100s of gamers to get physical with Wii, shortly after the event IGN managed to scramble back to their computers and threw some videos online for everyone to enjoy.

GoNintendo also managed to acquire a large batch of photos.

Launch Tour Games Reel

Including: Wii Sports, Hajimete no Wii, Odoru Made in Wario, Zelda: Twilight Princess

Launch Tour Games Reel #2

Including: Elebits, Super Monkey Ball, Nekronesia, Trauma Center, Swing Golf Panya, Wing Island, Kororinpa, SD Gundam SCADHAMMERS, Ennichi no Tatsujin, Tamagotchi, Crayon Shin-chan, Red Steel.

2006 Games

Including: Pokemon Battle Revolution, Bleach Wii, Rayman Rabbits Party, Need for Speed Carbon, Monster 4x4, Dragon Ball Z Sparking Neo, GT pro series, Excite Truck.

2007 Games

Including: Fire Emblem, Wii Yawaraka Atamajuku, Disaster, Project HAMMER, Wii Music, Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. Brawl, Batallion Wars, Mario Strikers Charged, Mario Party 8, Forever Blue, Metroid Prime 3, Downhill Jam, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Hajime no Ippo Revolution, Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles, Samurai Warrior Wave, Sharuui Takoron, Machikuru Domino, Sonic, Cooking Mama, Densha de Go! Shinkansen '06, Furu Furu Park, Mezase!! Tsuri Master, Sudoku, Bomberman Land Wii, Harvest Moon Wii, The Dog Island, One Piece Unlimted Adventure.

Blimey! Thats quite alot of gaming going on in Japan. We'll hopefully be learning alot more about this games in the coming months, stay tuned.