In addition to a name that is pronounced quite funny, the game will offer the same well-known floating, jumping and battling that made the original Kirby games so fun and enjoying. And according to HAL, we will be introduced to 25 new and upgradeable abilities, and now the abilities will also affect the environment around you, so for instance you can burn down trees with the fire ability, or freeze water with the ice ability.

Played in eight huge and different worlds, the game is hiding several treasures and unlockables, which supposedly could be anything from music tracks, to new abilities and secret stages, and as the player it's your goal to use Kirby's skills and abilities to find all these.

Obviously, most people don't think a game featuring a weird-looking pink, spherical creature killing small devils can have a decent storyline, apparently, they're wrong. The mean and greedy Squeaks steal Kirby's lunch, so Kirby gets mad and figures he should track them down and crucify the bastards, by inhaling them and spitting them out again, as dead bodies.

If you get tired of whacking Squeaks and other foes alone, the game features three interesting multiplayer modes, which are playable for up to four players, using either DS Download Play or Multicard LAN play. Players can try to enjoy a rather unpleasantly quick tea party in Speedy Teatime, bump and battle in Smash Ride or shoot snacks in Treasure Shot.